Mountain Bikes



Mountain biking is a sport that involves riding bicycles off paved roads. It is often an activity that is gaining interest across the world because it is will not require any special skills except having the ability to ride a bicycle which can be performed anywhere.
A mountain bike is a sturdy bicycle utilizing a strong frame, wide tires, gears and horizontal handlebars. This bike has special tires that might be fat and knobby, providing the extra traction that is required for dirt trails and unpaved terrain. Though called mountain bikes, these bicycles are often utilized for off-road cycling and can be ridden cross country, on gravel roads and not to mention on dirt trails.
We utilize mountain bikes for a few purposes including trailing, dirt jumping and street-urban riding, the most popular little examples of mountain biking are down-hilling, cross-country and free riding. Apart from just a few common features, the specifications for mountain bikes differ, reckoning on the activities that the bike is primarily designed for. Just for example, a cross-country mountain bike normally weighs between 15-20 pounds that is lighter than bikes designed for down-hilling and free riding. Mountain bikes can also be ordered online.
Although bicycles have already been used since the time these were invented, the initial specialized mountain bike was designed by Joe Breeze in 1977. The very first regularly available mountain bike frame was created by Tom Ritchey, with accessories being built by Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly. These bikes were sold by their company called MountainBikes, later renamed Gary Fisher Bicycle Company. It wasn’t until 1982 which the first mass produced mountain bikes were sold. These have been referred to as Specialized Stumpjumper and Univega Alpina Pro. A large number mountain bikes with specialized features are presently offered to service the ever growing population of mountain bikers.